Tuesday, November 3, 2015

You don't know zombies at all

Above you is an illustration of a zombie at twilight,in a field of sugar canes.

Typically,zombies as we know of today are re-animated corpses of people that rises itself out in a grave yard or are monsters who wander the streets at night. - Base on movies we watched.

Here's a brief story of what makes a zombie.

Basically,zombies are likely originated  in the voodoo religion of Haiti.

Zombies featured widely in a Haitian rural folklore, are dead persons physically revived by the act of necromancy of a bokor sorcerer (voodoo sorcerers) .

Voodoo specialists mediate between humans and spirits through divination and trance.They diagnose illnesses and reveal the origins of other misfortune.They can also perform rituals to appease spirits or ancestors or to repel magics. A lot of them are accomplished herbalists who treats variety of illnesses.

Zombies were once normal people,but underwent zombification by a "bokor" or voodoo sorcerer.
The victim then dies and becomes a mindless automation,incapable or remembering the past,unable to recognize loved ones and doomed to a life of miserable toil.

There have been attempts to explain zombies in Haitian voodoo culture as a kind of pharmacological act;that the bokors were using a cocktail of neurotics and dissociated drugs to bring their victims into a zombie state.

There have been many accounts of zombies in modern Haiti;stories of people that die,then many years later return to the shock and surprise of relatives !

Imagine one of your friends,or relatives or a stranger you met days/weeks ago that you thought is "normal" but isn't and is already a "zombie".Isn't that creepy? That's creepy as hell !
What more if it turns out that one day a zombie apocalypse breaks out?!!!!

(Screaming Silently)
Definitely you'd wish it would be all just a dream!
but what if it's really not?!

That would not just be as creepy as hell but hell of a nightmare!!!!

No worries,our great fellow "human" scientists already had got a plan to handle such circumstances.

Now,read carefully.
If—or when—the zombie apocalypse comes,those of us in big cities are in trouble,according to research presented at the American Physical  Society March meeting on March 5,2015.

Starting in a big city like New York or Atlanta would mean you are basically screwed from the start if the epidemic had already hit there,according to  Alex Alemi,a graduate student at Cornell University and part of the research team.

You are much better off starting further away from people,they say, which gives you a better chance of avoiding infection.Ideally,you’d escape to an almost empty region like the Rocky Mountains.


So,next time you meet a friend,investigate her cautiously he might turns out to be a ZOMBIE !


Here's the broad history and story of:

The Voodoo Zombies of Haiti
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