Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dream it.Wish it.Do it.

"Devote yourself to an idea.Struggle on it and make it happen."


Why go this far?
Why try to learn this much?
Why study?
Why put yourself out?
Why try to earn as much as you can earn?
Share as much as you can share?
Why trying to become into something impossibly you'll become?
Why try to do it all ?
Why trying to take all this responsibility?

Develop every skill you possibly can.
Go to every class you possibly can.
Touch everybody you possibly can.
Why do that much?
Why go that far?
Why share that much?
Why give that much away?
Why try to see everything?
Why try to do everything?
Why try to become everything?

Why not see how much you can earn?
Why not see how much you can learn?
Why not see how many skills you can develop?
Why not see what person you can become?
Why not what kind of influence you can have?
Why not see how many people you can rescue from oblivion?

I want you to take that personally.Why not? Why not?
Why not you?
You've got the brains.
You can make decisions.
You can study the plan.
You can change your life.
You can grow immensely in the next few years.
You can make your dreams come true.

You can become healthy.
You can become powerful.
Why not you ?


It's stopping you.

You can do it.
Go for it !

It is okay to dream !

You can accomplish any dream you set with your heart on.
You can finish works without the lights on.


"Take risks and conquer your fears"


Take that dream and do not let it die.
Take that dream and give it life.
Take that dream and breath into it as your own personal spirit.
Until finally,it becomes a flame that burns around the whole world.

From this time on,never let go of your dreams.
It may take one comment to kill it,but have the courage to hold on it and keep dreaming.
Someday,it will happen.
Take the very first decision.