Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Be real, be true to yourself, be who you are

Have you ever tried moving out from your comfort zone??

            Have you ever wondered what would happen if you try to move from that 'thing'? Guess what! We all want to do that, but why really is it so hard to do so?

There are a lot of things that bothers us why we're not risking such thing.
Things that are 'important' to us.
Things that are making us 'alive'.
Things that give us 'smiles'.
Things that give us 'joy'.

But let me ask one thing.......

Are you really having fun?
or you're just making things be as it is because you don't want to see them 'frown'.
Or you don't want them to 'forget' you.
That's a big problem man.

Being true to one self is such a great task !
Think of this...

"It's better to be hated for what your are than to be loved for what you are not"
                                                                           -Kurt Cobain

What stop us from being 'true' and continuing being 'fake' is that we don't want to lose attention.
We don't want to hear them saying "You've change! You're not who you are now!"

No !

You're just being true to yourself.
Let them love you to who you really are.
Don't lose your true identity in exchange of 'fake' relationships you have.

"One day you will realize that it's going to be great walking in a world with your true soul".

   Here's a little tip: